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Lembaga Profesi Teknik dan Manajemen (LPTM, The Institution of Technical and Management Professions) located in Makassar Indonesia, is concerned about the capacity building of Indonesian people in general, and of those less priviledged in particular. Since 1989, LPTM was active in complementing university graduates with English speaking skills by commencing English conversation classes. Since 1994, LPTM was further engaged to prepare high school graduates, who mostly were unable to enter a higher education, with skills to enter the job market. These skills prepared them to be excavator operators, ship welders, land surveyors, and excavator mechanics. The institute also offered business skills such as Enterpreneurship and Project Management on enquiry basis. The institute’s social engagement was extended in 2003 by conducting education to poor urban children, reforestation, and most recently tuberculosis (TB) health management.

LPTM invites anyone enthusiastic in giving contribution and in immersing with local people and local culture, to volunteer in the institution’s activities. Whether teaching English or other foreign languages to local people, being involved in the education of poor urban children, sharing knowledge and experience in mechanical engineering, and planting trees as a part of reforestation, it will be an enriching, inspiring, and rewarding experience for you. In addition, you will have the opportunity to bond with local people, to widen your cultural horizon, to taste delicious local culinary, and to explore Makassar and its surroundings. There are many tourism sites surrounding Makassar that you can enjoy during the weekends. LPTM’s volunteering program is family-run, and supervision would be on a person-to-person basis.

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